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Paola & Matteo
Paola and Matteo are two guys from Genoa who chose to get married in Tuscany and I was lucky enough to immortalize their beautiful story.
Talking to them, their simplicity, their spontaneity and their aversion to posed photos immediately emerged, and I immediately thought: "PERFECT! this all fits perfectly with my photographic style!"
I tried to put them at ease right away and we immediately got to know each other, they are two fantastic people, nice and down to earth, I tried in every shot to capture their main characteristics including their sympathy and desire to always smile.
We didn't take posed photos, apart from a few exceptions but always in nice and funny poses that always made them feel at ease and never embarrassed.
I really enjoyed capturing their day and needless to say how happy I was to see them happy as they looked at the photos! Also at the end of work, me and Sara Pieraccini (www.sarapieraccini.com) who helped me in this marriage, just before leaving, the bride and groom gave us two jars of homemade pesto from the groom's mother, leaving us speechless!
Venue: Fattoria Sette Passi